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Privacy Policy

Thank You for Visiting Royaltys Travel Agency

Based in Brooklyn, New York - Royaltys Travel Agency is a major provider of cruise and travel related services to customers all over the world. Because we offer one-stop shopping for customers seeking travel services and travel insurance protection, we collect personal data on all our customers in order to fulfill their travel needs. We do not require anyone browsing our website to provide any personal information unless and until they choose to make a purchase or sign-up to receive additional contact from us.

At Royaltys Travel Agency we believe in privacy and transparency, and we're committed to providing our privacy practices to our customers which outline how we treat personal customer information. This policy explains our privacy practices as it pertains to Royaltys Travel Agency and the ways in which we collect and store customer data.

Accepting the Privacy Policy

In order to run our business it is necessary to collect and process customers' personal information. By accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy, you, our customer, confirm that you have read and understand this policy and the policy of our third party service provider. If you are not in agreement with how we collect and process your personal information then we would advise using an alternative service provider. If you use the services of any of our affiliates or independent contractors, we are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any independent contractors EXCEPT for any data collection or storage tools or websites that WE have provided to them and control as a condition of their contractual relationship with us. Any data collection and storage tools that are independently maintained and controlled by our affiliates and their businesses are not under the purview of this privacy policy.

By using our services, you are acknowledging that Royaltys Travel Agency, through all its data collection tools, will use your information to complete any transaction required to fulfill the service you have come to us to transact for you. In addition, we will only transfer that part of your information to other service providers we have contracted with, who provide the necessary products and services, in order to fulfill your travel-related needs ONLY. Please be aware that Royaltys Travel Agency does not control the privacy standards of these partner service providers and our privacy policy does not include how that data is accessed and stored by them. We only transfer personal information to those service providers who are required to fulfill your personal travel needs AND that we are permitted by law to transfer personal information to. In addition, your personal information may be divulged when required by law or when protecting the legal rights and/or property of Royaltys Travel Agency.

Safety and Security

In the course of providing our services and completing the business transaction, we do collect or receive your personal data. You may be submitting your data through our website or directly to one of our sales and service staff members, an affiliate of Royaltys Travel Agency, or other representatives of Royaltys Travel Agency. (NOTE: We do record phone conversations with our customers and data can be collected in that manner. We use those recorded conversations to improve our service to the customer and for training purposes, and as a record of any real or potential transaction). The vast majority of this personal data is collected though our booking engine and invoicing technology, which are the software products of our third-party service provider, Wix Inc. The privacy policy of Wix can be found at The data we collect depends on the context of your interactions with Royaltys Travel Agency and the choices you make, the services and features you use, and whether you use our website or contact a live agent or representative.


The data we collect can include the following:

Name and contact data
Examples of personal data (age/date of birth, gender, country/nationality, passport # and expire date)
Billing and payment information (including credit card information)
Phone number
Travel location(s)/dates of travel
Social data (celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, other events)

If you need to review, change or remove information you can contact customer service at

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